Corporate Strategy and Business Forecast

Corporate Strategy

To accumulate profit through the AD Business and
Game Business, invest in the Media Business, and
grow it as a pillar in the mid to long terms.

Business Forecast for FY2017

FY2017 is positioned as an investment phase for "AbemaTV" etc.
[ Sales ] 360.0 billion yen (YonY 15.9% Up)
[ OP ] 28.0 billion yen (YonY 23.9% Down)

Business Forecast for FY2017 (As of Oct. 27, 2016)


(unit:billion yen)

 Sales Operating Profit Ordinary Income Profit attributable to shareholders of parent
Business Forecast for FY2017
360.0 28.0 26.7 10.0
Progress Rate of FY2016
310.6 36.7 35.3 13.6
15.9% -23.9% -24.5% -26.5%