"5 Ways to Use AbemaTV in Japan"


"CyberAgent IR Channel" has released its 21st video: "5 Ways to Use AbemaTV in Japan."

“AbemaTV,” a free-to-view Internet TV station exceeded 42 million downloads and hit 10 million weekly active users (WAU) benefited from various contents and useful features since the launch in April 2016. AbemaTV has formed a user's viewing habits and has steadily increased its user base.

This one and a half minute video shows how Japanese people use AbemaTV in daily life. We hope overseas residents can feel intuitive operability and engaging features on AbemaTV. 

About AbemaTV

AbemaTV opened on a full-scale basis on April 11, 2016, and is broadcasting about 20 channels for enjoying a broad range of programs, including original live contents, news, music, sports, and drama for free of charge.
“AbemaVideo,” an on-demand entertainment function that allows you to enjoy your favorite programs anytime, anywhere, boasts Japan's No. 1 (* 1) domestic video service, and delivers over 20,000 episodes at any given time. AbemaTV has actively worked to provide broader entertainment and convenience by offering improved compatibility with multiple TV devices such as “Amazon Fire TV family” and “AndroidTV”, while improving the display speed, and enabling background playback. 
AbemaTV is committed to turning Internet television services into something that forms an integral part of our lives and realizing it by progressively increasing available content, compatibility, functions, and services as new devices and technologies arise.

*1: Surveyed by our company, as of the end of June 2019.

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