Getting to & Entering Abema Towers


In April 2019, CyberAgent consolidated its offices, previously spread out across ten different locations in Shibuya Tokyo, into one location in Abema Towers. By integrating them, we are working to further invigorate communication among our employees and improve both productivity and operating efficiency.

However, since Abema Towers is located some distance away from Shibuya Station, we sometimes hear from people visiting us that they do not have a clear idea of where we are. The Shibuya area is certainly a complex one, as even our CEO, Susumu Fujita, has commented that “Udagawa-cho is in a really strange place.”

In response to this we have decided to provide information about how to get to Abema Towers from Shibuya Crossing in front of Shibuya Station, and how to enter the building. We hope this will be of help when you visit us.

From the Shibuya Crossing

1. Cross the Crossing towards Shibuya TSUTAYA.

2. Go straight along the right side of the Shibuya TSUTAYA building and turn left at the corner before the Seibu Shibuya Department Store.

3. Go straight.

4. Take the right-hand fork in the road at the Udagawa-cho Koban (police box).

5. You will pass Tokyu Hands Shibuya on your right.

6. The glass building in front of you after passing through the intersection just past Tokyu Hands is your destination, Abema Towers.
**Click here for a map with the recommended route highlighted.

Entering Abema Towers

Your contact at CyberAgent will send you both a QR code and a confirmation number. You will need these to enter the office area of the building.


Scan your QR code at the entrance turnstile and enter the office area of the building. If you do not have your QR code with you, please enter your confirmation number on the tablets installed in the reception area to obtain it.

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