“Adaptability to change drives sustainable growth of CyberAgent”
The 25th video by CyberAgent IR channel


CyberAgent's adaptability to change realizes its sustainable growth. Responding to environmental change and technological innovation, we have diversified our business and continuously expanded the revenue.

This 7-minute video will introduce our growth strategies for the media, internet advertising, and game businesses, including footage of our services, content, and game development equipment. The digital navigator in the video is modeled on Akane Takiyama, a newscaster of ABEMA and created by a subsidiary, CyberHuman Productions. 

In addition, the new integrated report "CyberAgent Way 2022" is available on the CyberAgent investor relations website. This year's report features our "Superior Talent" in response to the growing social interest in human capital. It introduces the "hiring, training, vitalization, and placing the right person in the right job" that we focus on and many initiatives that support our people to take on various challenges. Please visit our investor relations website for more information on our growth drivers and ESG information.

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"CyberAgent Delivers DX for Partners with "Technology" and "Implementation Capability" The 24th CyberAgent IR Channel for Shareholders and Investors


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