"CyberAgent Delivers DX for Partners with "Technology" and "Implementation Capability" The 24th CyberAgent IR Channel for Shareholders and Investors


The 24th video of the CyberAgent IR Channel is "CyberAgent Delivers DX for Partners with "Technology" and "Implementation Capability."

With the pressing need to innovate business models and strengthen competitiveness through digitalization, many companies are shifting their business to digital regardless of industry.
 More than forty percent of CyberAgent staff are engineers, and we have been focusing to expand our technical capabilities as a competitive advantage in the advertising business. 
We collaborate with companies as their technology partners to promote DX and create advertising businesses by leveraging our operational capabilities cultivated through maximizing advertising effectiveness and our expertise in AI technology.
In this 8-minute video, we show how we co-create business with four companies that are committed to launching digital ad serving businesses, supporting app development, promoting sales promotion DX, and training DX human resources, as examples.
Our mission is to contribute to Japan’s development through the power of digital, a theme CyberAgent advocates as its purpose. We will continue to take on the challenge of creating new businesses and value, including initiatives to expand the potential of companies through the power of the internet.


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“Adaptability to change drives sustainable growth of CyberAgent”
The 25th video by CyberAgent IR channel


CyberAgent's adaptability to change realizes its sustainable growth. Responding to environmental change and technological innovation, we have diversified our business and continuously expanded the revenue.

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