"Digital Ads Make a Quantum Leap with AI"


The 20th Video from IR channel

At present, burgeoning digital advertising requires a large number of high-quality ads and its operation in response to an ad's effect. Expectations and attention have been focused on the use of AI (Artificial Intelligence) because it is impossible for humans to handle a massive amount of ad operating processes.

This time, we report how CyberAgent delivers optimal ads by using AI technology. Watch the way AI enables us to create highly effective ads, choose the best ads from an enormous number of ad creatives, and how digital ads can make a quantum leap in the 6-minute video.

We'll work to create the future of world-class Internet advertisement in anticipation of the further acceleration of automation in the coming years by actively incorporating our technology and creatives.

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AI for Effective Advertising - AI research and business implementation capability of CyberAgent


This five-minute video summarizes the high advertising effectiveness of "Kiwami Prediction AI," which predicts advertising results before distribution, and "Kiwami Prediction TD," which automatically generates ad copies. 

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