‘Operation Capability’ How to create a long term game


The competitive strength of one of the largest Game businesses in Japan

"CyberAgent IR Channel" has released its 16th video: ”’Operation Capability’ How to create a long term game”

The Game business of CyberAgent is composed of twelve subsidiaries and 3,000 employees, it boasts the largest size in the industry. By utilizing each subsidiary’s strengths and systematic standardization to improve the success rate, we created many popular smartphone games including “GRANBLUE FANTASY” (provided by Cygames, Inc.) and “Sengoku Enbu –KIZNA-“ (provided by Sumzap, Inc.).

We interviewed Yusuke Hidaka, vice president of CyberAgent, captured some of the unique activities designed to increase the operation capability, and condensed into a three-minute video. Watch how we maintain long term games at our game development scene. 


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The Evolving Ad Creative of CyberAgent


The 22nd video of CyberAgent IR channel introduces ad creatives of CyberAgent utilizing advanced technology such as real-time CG synthesis.

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