The Rise of Esports in Japan
- "Group Synergies" Drive the Market


The 17th video from CyberAgent IR Channel

"CyberAgent IR Channel" has released its 17th video: "The Rise of Esports in Japan – Group Synergies Drive the Market."

Esports are enjoying massive popularity across the globe and the wave of esports have also clearly hit Japan. Many companies announced a launch of pro-league or pro-team creations for esports.

CyberAgent recognized its potential benefit and quickly joined the esports business.  "RAGE," an esports event we started in 2016 has become one of the country's largest esports event with 35,000 audiences.

CyberAgent owns '' and 'AbemaTV,' media channels with a strong affinity for gaming and creates an ecosystem which accelerates the growth of the esports market. This 4-minute video will show these CyberAgent's unique strengths.

CyberAgent aims the further growth with actively investing in new businesses in the future.

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Promoting CyberAgent's Sustainable Growth through Ashita Kaigi (Meeting for Tomorrow)


Our purpose, "To Break Through Stagnation with New Power and the Internet," was established in October 2021, and is based on our conviction that continuing to develop new markets and create new businesses will lead to the sustainable growth of the company and the vitalization of society.
While we have launched a variety of unique initiatives to continue creating new businesses, one of our leading initiatives has been our "Ashita Kaigi" (Meeting for Tomorrow).

Since its inception in 2006, Ashita Kaigi has resulted in the establishment of 32 subsidiaries. From these new businesses, we have generated cumulative sales of roughly 325.9* billion yen and an operating income of around 45.5* billion yen, thereby greatly contributing to our business expansion.
Below, we reintroduce Ashita Kaigi, which we regard as a management meeting that is critical for CyberAgent's sustainable growth.

*As of September 30, 2021

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