The Evolving Ad Creative of CyberAgent


The 22nd video of CyberAgent IR channel introduces ad creatives of CyberAgent utilizing advanced technology such as real-time CG synthesis.

Japan's internet ad spending exceeded 2 trillion yen*, rapidly outpacing TV ad spending. As the shift from traditional advertising to digital advertising accelerates, the growing demand for digital advertising makes it essential to produce a wide variety of high-quality ad creatives and operate it to improve its effectiveness.

CyberAgent's internet advertising business boasts the top share in Japan. In addition to AI technology, we are focusing on the production of ad creatives that utilize cutting-edge technology, such as scanning people and products, or a "virtual filmmaking system" that allows us to combine people and CG backgrounds in real time.

In this 5-minute video, we've summarized the high quality and speedy ad creative process of our advertising business, as well as the development environment equipped with the latest technology. The "virtual filmmaking system" is used for the entire video production.

Due to the spread of COVID-19, the shootings of advertising and promotional materials have been discontinued one after another. In the near future, the advertising industry is also expected to see an increasing demand for "virtual shooting," in which people and products are shot and directed remotely, and the use of 3D data and CG in creative production.

We will continue to challenge new creatives that make full use of 3DCG technology and the latest filmmaking systems that we have and contribute to maximizing the effectiveness of advertising.

*Dentsu, Inc. 2019 Advertising Expenditures in Japan

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