Accelerating the Development of a "Technology-led CyberAgent"


The next interview with the new candidates is Norishige Nagase, Corporate Officer, and General Manager of Technology Development division. He tells us what “the creation of a technology-led CyberAgent” means to him and the Company.

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  • Norishige Nagase
    Corporate Officer
    General Manager, Technology Policy Office

    In 2005, he joined CyberAgent from an R&D position in the ICT industry. He served in service development, including Ameba Blog, the community service Ameba Pigg, social games, and other community services. He appointed Corporate Officer in 2014. Currently focusing on the recruitment of engineers to handle AbemaTV and other CyberAgent media business, and workplace development such as an evaluation system to further enhance engineering capabilities. He is a candidate for Director as of October 2018.

The creation of a technology-led CyberAgent

In 2006, President Fujita made a bold external call for the creation of a “technology-led CyberAgent,” and strengthened the recruitment and development of engineers. Twelve years later, the number of engineers has exceeded 2,000 persons. Currently, engineers play an active role in the company’s businesses and products, and I feel that we’ve achieved the idea of a “technology-led CyberAgent” both in name and reality.

I have been involved with numerous products, mainly media businesses such as the Ameba blog site, and the internet television station AbemaTV. As someone with an engineering background, I have worked to create an engineering organization, including recruiting engineers and setting up an evaluation system.

In January 2018, CyberAgent established the Technology Policy Office with a mission to “accelerate the technology-led CyberAgent concept.” We are strengthening management of the engineering organization. In addition to these measures, I think that President Fujita has long felt the necessity of having engineers on the management team, and that is what has led to my candidacy for the director.

Linking people and technology for a multiplier effect

CyberAgent has proactively entered a range of new businesses to meet the needs of the times. Establishing a blog business, embracing the shift to smartphones creating the Adtech Studio*, entering the video business, and many other initiatives have brought us to where we are today. There were a number of failures as well, but I think that the way such experiences are rooted in the engineers and organization is the strength of this company.

Up to now, the engineers at each subsidiary or business have engaged in technical development in a free and open manner. They have worked at their individual discretion, with little oversight. That high degree of autonomy is part of the culture of CyberAgent. However, with the number of engineers now exceeding 2,000 people, it is possible to realize a multiplier effect as a company by applying individual efforts and technology assets to different projects. It was this desire to further accelerate business by linking people and technology that led to the establishment of the Technology Policy Office I noted above.

Following the recent announcement of director candidates, I heard from engineers throughout the organization suggesting initiatives they’d like to pursue. Many engineers have unique values and ways of thinking, but the one thing that CyberAgent engineers have in common is a vision of “creating the 21st century’s leading company.” I am embracing that spirit, expanding opportunities to reflect their opinions in management, and create an environment in which engineers are able to thrive.

*Adtech Studio is a cross-functional team of engineers that provides research and development and services in the ad technology field, as well as computer graphics, AI, and robotics.

The Technology Policy Office regularly holds events and study sessions led by engineers. These events promote the sharing and exchange of information among engineers, and help to enhance technical capabilities. (Photo right: Nagase)
The Technology Policy Office regularly holds events and study sessions led by engineers. These events promote the sharing and exchange of information among engineers, and help to enhance technical capabilities. (Photo right: Nagase)

Technology provides options for management

In my position as manager for technology and development teams, I believe strongly in the idea that technology provides management with a variety of options. Our strong technical capabilities have generated high-quality products that are competitive in the market, such as the subscription music streaming service AWA and AbemaTV. New technologies are able to create new value and opportunities that did not exist previously.

As CyberAgent’s business has expanded, the importance of engineers has increased. Market demand has also risen, and the environment for engineers has changed greatly as part of a worldwide trend. I am looking forward to initiatives that accelerate the development of a “technology-led CyberAgent.”

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