20th Anniversary Special
"Interview with Susumu Fujita, President & Founder"
-First part-



  • Susumu Fujita
    President & Founder, CyberAgent, Inc.

    Susumu Fujita founded CyberAgent in March 1998 and became President. As one of the pioneers of Internet industry in Japan, he is actively expanding the company's business from advertising, game to new media.

  • Sonoko Miyakawa
    Senior Manager, IR & SR Division
    CyberAgent, Inc.

    Sonoko Miyakawa joined CyberAgent in 1999, soon after the company’s foundation as the first female at the Company. She established PR & IR Division in 2003 and became a senior manager. As an IR officer, she attained first place for the US financial magazine, Institutional Investor’s “Best IR Professionals” in five consecutive years.

On March 18, 2018, CyberAgent marked the 20th anniversary of its founding. To celebrate it, “CyberAgent IR Channel” released a special two-part video. 

The company's IR officer, Sonoko Miyakawa interviewed CyberAgent President & Founder Susumu Fujita about two decades of CyberAgent. Her long experience elicited his straight answers to her questions from the medium and long-term point of view. 

The second part of the video will come soon, it will reveal what Fujita thinks about retirement, heredity and next twenty years.

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