Voices of CA8


- Stable Earnings Base -

In this IR channel "Voice of CA8" the second version, picks up the Internet Advertisement Business and Game Business which are the core operations of the CyberAgents' earnings at this moment.

Executive Managing Director Yasuo Okamoto and Director Takahiro Yamauchi, whose duty is Internet Advertisement business, as well as Vice President Yusuke Hidaka and newly selected Director Koki Ukita speak about the strategies in FY2017 and mid-long term future of the businesses.

Voices of CA8 - Stable Earnings Base -

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AI for Effective Advertising - AI research and business implementation capability of CyberAgent


This five-minute video summarizes the high advertising effectiveness of "Kiwami Prediction AI," which predicts advertising results before distribution, and "Kiwami Prediction TD," which automatically generates ad copies. 

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