“AWA” Becomes Top App: A Glimpse into the Appeal of Google Play's “Best App of 2017

Music streaming service "AWA" has been awarded as a 'best app' for three years in a row since its launch in 2015. Finally, in 2017 “AWA” achieved "2017 Best App*" recognizing it as the year’s most outstanding app (excluding games).

* A program wherein Google Play selects and awards most popular apps and games in Japan as that year's 'best apps'.

43 Million Songs―10 Million Playlists

According to a survey on users of subscription music services**, roughly half of respondents reported the most meaningful benefit as "being able to discover unknown songs" (50.7%), followed closely by "being able to listen to what I want, when I want" (49.3%). 
** "Survey on Usage of Subscription Music Services," IMPRESS Corporation Limited

“AWA” delivers some 43 million songs, offering one of the world's largest music collections. To help users discover a wide range of music, “AWA” not only offers a variety of musical genres such as Japanese, Western, major labels and indies, but allows users to find music via categories like 'Favorites' or 'Interested Songs', and even according to moods like 'Happy' or 'Relax'.

ONE OK ROCK also launched music streaming in 2017, and by December the service made headlines by offering all 239 songs of Japanese artist Utada Hikaru.

▼ “Top Charts” for music that begin streaming on “AWA” in 2017

Another thing that sets “AWA” apart is its extensive playlists.
There are some 10 million playlists available nowhere else but “AWA”, including playlists created by famous artists, popular DJs, music producers and other well-known figures.

Some of these official “AWA” playlisters are Mao Mitsui, a model and Adidas Ambassador, and Ayumi Seto, a popular model and designer for fashion brand "Aymmy in the batty girls." 
She tweets, "“AWA” has become a part of my life. Everyone, why not make your own playlists and share them with me!"

Extensive Features Useful in any Setting Imaginable

“AWA” is not just for smartphones, it can be used with almost anything from PCs to car navigation systems, smart watches and more―providing a seamless listening experience in almost any setting imaginable.

「ユニクロアプリ」では、テーマに合わせて選曲する日替わりのプレイリスト「Today’s sound」や「デニム」や「スポーツ」などのおすすめアイテムのイメージに合わせたプレイリストの提供。また、「AWA」の月間ランキングからお好みの音楽を楽しめるようになっています。
「ユニクロアプリ」では、テーマに合わせて選曲する日替わりのプレイリスト「Today’s sound」や「デニム」や「スポーツ」などのおすすめアイテムのイメージに合わせたプレイリストの提供。また、「AWA」の月間ランキングからお好みの音楽を楽しめるようになっています。

Strengthened Collaboration with Other Companies

“AWA” collaborates with various companies and events to provide opportunities for people to enjoy music in everyday life. For instance, a tie-up with McDonald's Japan provides Japan-exclusive music streaming via McDonald's free Wi-Fi. Meanwhile, a tie-up with UNIQLO provides AWA MUSIC CLOSET content that allows users to enjoy music free music everyday via the UNIQLO app provided by the company.

People Use “AWA” an Average 103 min/day―Over Half the Time Spent on their Smartphone

According to survey results, people use their smartphones for 3 hours 9 minutes per day on average ("Application Usage," Nielsen Digital Co., Ltd). Meanwhile, people use “AWA” for over half that time with an average of 103 minutes per day.
Not only that, the MAU of paying members is 91%, and 89% use the service more than 21 days per month, demonstrating how it has become a way of life for users.

“AWA” has grown into Japan's the largest music streaming service. The company is committed to adding even more songs as well as features, and raising the satisfaction level of users to new levels.

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