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  • Internet TV Station “AbemaTV” Exceeded 18 Million Downloads

Press Release


Internet TV Station “AbemaTV” Exceeded 18 Million Downloads

Monthly Viewing Time is Surpassed 2 Billion Minutes in May 2017, Doubled in the Past 6 Months


Internet TV station “AbemaTV”, operated by AbemaTV, Inc. has announced that the numbers of app downloads have reached 18 million on Wednesday, June 7. In addition to its users grow rapidly, the monthly viewing time is constantly increasing and exceeded 2 billion minutes in May 2017, which is doubled compared to the period of November 2016, just half a year ago.
It has marked a record high of 5.5 million weekly active users (WAU) in a holiday week from Monday, May 1 to Sunday, May 7 with special programs through the week. In July 2017, as the summer vacation starts, we are planning to bring "SPECIAL WEEK", which includes gorgeous lineups of popular content and special programs, as well as new regular programs.
We are making further efforts to widen the way in which users enjoy and to enhance convenience such as portrait screen view and “AbemaVideo.” The internet TV station “AbemaTV” is a completely new style of broadcasting service. Going forward, we will actively develop the service with expanded content and additional functionality, aiming to make it a deeply established part of everyday life.


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