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  • “AbemaTV” started offering “AbemaVideo” as a new function

Press Release


“AbemaTV” started offering “AbemaVideo” as a new function

Enjoy the Missed Programs at Any Time


Internet TV station “AbemaTV”, operated by AbemaTV, Inc., has announced that it started offering “AbemaVideo” as a new function from Friday, April 7, 2017.
With "AbemaVideo" to start offering, users will be able to watch the program they missed on the "AbemaTV" at any time (*1). "AbemaVideo" is provided as a new function that has expanded the time shift function we have offered as a "Premium plan" of 960 yen per month (including tax), and it can be used by registering to the existing "Premium plan". Users can enjoy the programs of "AbemaTV" whenever they like for a certain period of time, and some programs can be enjoyed for free without registration.
"AbemaTV" is a linear type service that you can enjoy 24 hour programmings like TV. But until now, we have received many requests such as a function to watch programs that you've missed, recording features, etc. By launching the new function "AbemaVideo", users will be able to search and watch the program at their own convenience on demand, so it is expected to expand the usage scene of "AbemaTV".
The iOS application and on the PC browser it has been available from Friday, April 7, 2017, and the Android application will be released in late April. We will continue to correspond to each TV device after May.
The internet TV station “AbemaTV” is a completely new style of broadcasting service. Going forward, we will actively develop the service with expanded content and additional functionality, aiming to make it a deeply established part of everyday life.
(Note 1)"AbemaVideo" has a limited watchable period.

■"AbemaVideo" image


Smartphone and PC screens

What is an “AbemaTV”?

“AbemaTV” is a new video streaming service jointly developed by CyberAgent and TV Asahi Corporation as an “internet TV station.”
The station opened on a full-scale basis on April 11, 2016 (Monday), and is broadcasting over 30 channels for enjoying a broad range of programs, including original live contents, news, music, and sports, free of charge. It achieved 15 million downloads in March, 2017 and the number of users are growing rapidly. Viewers can watch it just like TV with various devices, including smartphones, PCs, tablets and TV devices such as “Google Cast”, “Amazon Fire TV series” and “Android TV” without sign up.
In commemoration of the first anniversary of its release, it plans to broadcast a special program from Saturday, April 8 to Sunday, May 7 , 2017.

*If you use an image, please indicate the copyright holder "(C) AbemaTV."

"AbemaTV" Overview

  • Name


  • Broadcast

    PC (Browser) / Google Play /App Store / Amazon Appstore

  • Recommended Environment

         OS: Mac OS X 10.10 or later, Windows 8.1 or later 
         Browser: The latest version of Chrome, Safari (Mac), Edge (Windows)
                   Internet Explorer 11 or later (Windows)
             Software: Adobe Flash Player

    Android Smartphone/Tablet
          Guaranteed Operating Environment: Android4.4 or later
          Guaranteed Operating Environment: iPhone iOS9.0 or later(4S or later), iPad (2 or later), iPad Air, iPad mini
        Amazon Fire TV
        Amazon Fire TV Stick
        Android TV
        Apple TV(4th Gen)
        Google Cast (Guaranteed Operating Environment: 1st generation or later)

  • Fee