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ANA X and CyberAgent Partner to Start Digital Advertising Distribution Business

Will accelerate ANA Group’s digital platform business by strengthening its digital ad distribution operations


CyberAgent, Inc.
ANA X Inc.

CyberAgent, Inc. (Head office: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo; President: Susumu Fujita; TSE:4751; hereafter “CyberAgent”) and ANA X Inc. (Head office: Chuo-ku, Tokyo; President & CEO: Shinichi Inoue; hereafter “ANA X”) have concluded a business partnership agreement related to a digital ad distribution business as part of the ANA Group’s efforts to enhance its non-airline businesses through a fundamental reform of its business structure.
Through this partnership, CyberAgent will assist ANA X with establishing its own digital ad distribution business that makes use of the unique data possessed by the ANA Group to realize a digital platform business led by ANA X. CyberAgent will also be involved in the development of the core human resources responsible for the ANA Group’s ad business through an active exchange of human resources between the two companies.

This partnership will combine the strengths of both companies and work to contribute to solutions to the marketing issues faced by advertisers, local governments, and others. It will also provide ANA customers with not just mere exposure to ads but a whole new level of useful information. 


The COVID-19 outbreak significantly restricted people’s movements and activities, creating a pressing need for many companies to take steps that include creating new businesses and innovating business models in ways that go beyond just cutting costs using digital technology. 

The ANA Group is driving its own rebirth into an organization of resilient companies that can withstand another pandemic by transforming its business model and reevaluating its businesses Group-wide1. ANA X started operations in April 2021 as part of the reorganization of the ANA Group’s companies. It is leading the expansion of the Group’s digital platform business that is based on the concept of a world where people can earn and use miles in everyday life (a mileage-based ecosystem2) and not just unordinary activities such as air flight and travel.

In its internet ad business, CyberAgent has solved advertisers’ issues and maximized marketing effect by leveraging its experience with technologies related to the development of digital ad operations and distribution platforms, AI research and development, and its ad and product sales network, which has one of the best track records in the industry. Recently, it has been working on a DX support business for retail, healthcare, and government.
The primary themes of this partnership are:
  • Developing a custom ad distribution system
The two companies will develop a system based on the ANA Group’s data related to such things as flight usage and nearly thirty-seven million ANA Mileage Club members. There will also be a phased expansion of ad channels to include digital touchpoints, such as ANA’s websites and apps in addition to conventional Internet media. This will enable ANA X to provide customers with the information they will consider useful. Both companies will develop this new system jointly, which will start serving ads in Fall 2022.
  • Training of human resources who will take on the digital ad distribution business
The two companies will work to strengthen ANA X’s organizational capabilities and development of human resources to enable it to grow as a digital platform company. CyberAgent will offer its expertise in digital marketing and know-how in such areas as product development, data infrastructure, and AI technology.

Future steps

Both companies will work to establish an ad business that combines ANA X’s unique online and offline strengths and serves as a new pillar of non-airline revenue for the ANA Group. They will also strive to create programs that improve customers’ experiences.

Comment from Shinichi Inoue, President & CEO, ANA X Inc.:
We are thrilled to be developing a digital ad distribution business in partnership with CyberAgent. We look forward to providing our customers with useful information that they previously did not have access to by combining CyberAgent’s technologies with the data infrastructure the ANA Group has accumulated over the years.

Comment from Takahito Naito, Managing Executive Officer, CyberAgent, Inc.:
There is a sense of completely new possibilities in ad distribution that will be gained by utilizing the ANA Group’s data infrastructure. CyberAgent will provide support for the Group’s business platform initiative through the creation of an ad business and the cultivation of talent conversant in both business and digital technologies. We are truly excited to see what comes of this partnership with ANA X.

1: ANA HOLDINGS Announces Transformative Measures to a New Business Model

2: ANA HOLDINGS Announces New Business Plans to Launch a Mileage-based Ecosystem