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ABEMA to Launch "Pay-Per-View" Feature to Offer Paid Online Live Entertainment

Delivering CG/AR-Based High-Quality Online Live Entertainment through Live Artist Performances, Events, Plays and More


TV & video entertainment provider ABEMA has announced the mid-June 2020 launch of a new Pay-Per-View feature for paid online live entertainment.

Recently, due to the spread of COVID-19, a great number of live performances, plays and other entertainment venues have been canceled or postponed. As many events continue to be voluntarily canceled, the government is recommending no-audience live events. In some areas, subsidies are being provided to the operators of these no-audience events, and this trend is beginning to gain momentum.
ABEMA has now added "Pay-Per-View," a new feature that allows users to purchase (*1) paid online live content individually, and the company will begin delivering high-quality online live entertainment, including live artist performances, events, plays and more.

ABEMA is collaborating with CyberHuman Productions, Inc., a 3DCG video advertisement production company within the CyberAgent Group, to offer an immersive viewing experience using a combination of CG, 3D space, and AR technologies. This will be achieved using a "virtual image capturing system" which was introduced by the company for the first time in Japan and enables the real-time shooting of a person who is composited into a 3DCG space. 
In addition to a "cheering feature" that will allow viewers to send stickers to performers during a live performance, the company is also planning a variety of enjoyable content unique to pay-per-view. These including interactive communication with performers via a comments feature and promotions; online sales of live-event goods; a ‘multi-angle live’ feature that allows viewers to watch online events from multiple angles (scheduled for release this summer); and a live-event voting feature (also scheduled for release this summer).
Pay-Per-View content can be viewed by anyone who purchases content using the Pay-Per-View feature, regardless of whether they are a free basic member or paid premium member. People living outside Japan or traveling (*2) can also enjoy the service. Other useful features available include 'chasing playback' (*3) for times when viewing starts late, and a 'timeshift' feature that allows users to replay content for a certain period even after the live stream ends (*4). For viewers watching on large screens, ABEMA is also viewable on a TV (*5) or tablet, offering a full complement of features designed to improve convenience.

In its aim to continue realizing services that use the power of entertainment to improve people's lives, ABEMA is committed to proactively enhancing content and pursuing innovations that improve convenience.

(*1) ABEMA coins, necessary to purchase programs, can be purchased from the smartphone app or a computer.
(*2) Outside Japan, some content is not available for purchase in some regions.
(*3) Chasing playback is not available for some content.
(*4) Timeshift playback is not available for some content.
(*5) AppleTV and IPTV are not available for viewing.

* If using images, please be sure to credit the source as "©AbemaTV, Inc."
*Please be careful not to mix up the service names:
○ "ABEMA", not "Ameba"

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