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“AbemaTV” Reaches 10 Million Weekly Active Users

DAU on Wed, Jun. 5, 2019 hits a record high since the launch of AbemaTV.


AbemaTV, Inc. announced that “AbemaTV,” a free-to-view Internet TV station exceeded 10 million weekly active users (WAU) during a period from Monday, June 3 to Sunday, June 9, 2019. 

In the week of June 3, which recorded over 10 million WAU, AbemaTV broadcasted all scenes of the press conference for announcing the marriage between Mr. Ryota Yamasato, a famous comedian, and Mrs. Yu Aoi, a popular actress, earlier than any other TV stations on Wednesday, June 5, 2019. On that day, DAU hit a record high in the history of AbemaTV. Furthermore, AbemaTV has broadcasted some original regular programs which are popular among youngsters during the week. Such as the final episode of “I fell in love today,” a dating reality show watched by one out of three female middle/high school students in Japan, a live program powered by the girls’ fashion magazine “Popteen” and “AbemaTV,” and the live news about pop idols indicted for violating the Cannabis Control Act attracted public attention.

While AbemaTV conducts the linear broadcasting of various genres of programs, including original dramas, variety programs, news, sports, and anime, the on-demand function “Abema Video” streams over 18,000 original programs for viewers, boasting No.1 among video streaming services in Japan*1. We will keep enriching our contents and services actively, to offer unique video streaming services from the Internet TV station that has taken root in the daily life of viewers. 

*1: Surveyed by our company, as of the end of May 2019

■"AbemaTV" Overview

Name "AbemaTV"
Distribution PC /Google Play /App Store /Amazon
Countries All over the world except in areas where there is no necessary network environment.
Fee Free