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"AbemaTV" to Pilot Overseas Streaming Service


"AbemaTV," a free-to-view Internet television service operated by AbemaTV Inc., today launched pilot overseas streaming in six markets with a relatively large Japanese population including the US, Australia, Thailand, Canada, the UK and Brazil. Designed for Japanese residents and international travelers, viewers in those markets can now enjoy access to part of the channels and content such as news programs provided by "AbemaTV" for free. *1

The service will initially offer re-edited versions of some of its original weekday news programs aired every morning and lunchtime such as “AbemaMorning” and “Keyaki Hills” on News for Overseas channel, along with a variety of hobby-related content, including relay streaming of Japanese chess games and events on the Japanese chess Channel, relay streaming of mahjong games played by professional players of M League on the Mahjong Channel and fishing programs on the Fishing Channel. In the meantime, "AbemaTV" will gradually expand the streaming content and service areas. At the beginning of April, the service will be available for viewing on web browsers, in addition to the current offerings based on iOS/Android apps.

"AbemaTV" has actively worked to provide broader entertainment and convenience by offering improved compatibility with multiple TV devices such as Amazon Fire TV Series, Google Chromecast and Sony 4k BRAVIA® as well as multimedia devices such as the iPad, while improving the display speed, enabling background playback and offering a function to allow for volume control. "AbemaTV" is committed to turning Internet television services into something that forms an integral part of our lives and realizing it by progressively increasing available content, compatibility, functions and services as new devices and technologies arise.

*1 Subtitle and multilingual option are not currently available. 

”AbemaTV" Overview

Name "AbemaTV"
Availability PC /Google Play /App Store /Amazon Appstore
Country Japan, the US, Australia, Thailand, Canada, the UK, Brazil