Press Release

CyberAgent launched a Dedicated Ad Management Package for Amazon Advertisement

Automated Bidding Operation and Daily Budget Adjustment Realized in “Sponsored Advertisement” and “Amazon DSP”


CyberAgent, Inc. (Head office: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo; President: Susumu Fujita; TSE: 4751) developed and launched an ad management package specialized in Amazon advertisement in the Internet Advertisement Business.  
In the “Sponsored Advertisement” provided by Amazon, advertisers need to control tens of thousands of keywords. Furthermore, performing bidding on a daily basis against all keywords with appropriate bid prices and appropriately adjusting their daily budgets according to the spending status of the budgets are extremely important operational variables to maximize the advertisement effect. In the demand side platform “Amazon DSP,” which can reach the Amazon audience inside and outside Amazon, the same function is important for each line item. 

We have established an organization specialized for Amazon advertisement in November 2017 to support advertisers’ marketing efforts, and in order to address such challenges, we developed this advertisement operation service specialized for Amazon advertisement. 
Through this service, we realize automation of operation and maximizing advertisement effects by creating packages of two solutions, “Bid Optimizer,” which performs bid adjustment in “Sponsor Advertisement” and “Amazon DSP,” and “Budget Adjuster,” which carries out daily budget adjustment. 

[1] “Bid Optimizer”: Automatic bidding adjustment 
“Bid Optimizer” adjusts bid prices according to the effect of each keyword and optimizes them to maximize the KPI index (ROAS and CPA).

[2] “Budget Adjuster”: Automatic daily budget adjustment 
 “Budget Adjuster” adjusts a daily budget according to the spending status of the budget for each campaign and optimizes it to maximize the KPI index (ROAS and CPA).

We will continue to devote ourselves to maximizing the advertising effect for our advertisers through various initiatives, including providing new marketing methods, by making full use of our advanced technological capabilities.

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