Press Release

CyberAgent Announces Changes to Board of Directors


CyberAgent, Inc. (HQ: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo; President: Susumu Fujita; TSE: 4751) today announced changes to its Board of Directors as outlined below.

1. New Candidates of the Board of Directors (Appointments of Directors are planned to be proposed at the 21st Annual General Shareholders Meeting scheduled for December 14, 2018)

(1)Changes to Directors 
Name New Title & Areas of Responsibility Current Title
Takahito Naito
Advertising Technology, Creative
Senior Corporate Officer
General Manager of Ad-Tech Headquarter
Norishige Nagase Director
Technical Development
Corporate Officer
General Manager of Technology Policy Department
Riku Yamada Director
AbemaTV Advertisement
Corporate Officer
General Manager of Advertisement Headquarter, AbemaTV, Inc.

(2) Scheduled date for changes
December 14, 2018

2. Promotion of Director
(1)    Changes to Director
Name New Title Current Title
Takahiro Yamauchi Managing Director Director

(2) Date of Change
October 3, 2018

CyberAgent had been adopted ”CA8,” an individual Executive Director rotation policy to limit the maximum number of Directors to eight and change two executive directors every two years. However, the system was abolished in October 2018 to reorganize a structure for business expansion. We will propose to increase the number of Directors at the 21st Annual General Meeting of shareholders on December 14, 2018, aiming at further improvement in the management team following business diversification. Going forward, CyberAgent will strive to cultivate managerial talents and also develop a lean and robust management structure.   


Reference) Members of the Board of Directors after December 14, 2018

President Susumu Fujita
Vice President Yusuke Hidaka
Executive Managing Director Yasuo Okamoto
Managing Director Go Nakayama
Managing Director Masahide Koike
Managing Director Takahiro Yamauchi
Director Koki Ukita
Director Tetsuhito Soyama
Director (New) Takahito Naito
Director (New) Norishige Nagase
Director (New) Riku Yamada
Outside Director Koichi Nakamura [Independent] 
Director (Full-time Audit and Supervisory Committee member) Toko Shiotsuki
Outside Director (Audit and Supervisory Committee member) Masao Horiuchi [Independent]
Outside Director (Audit and Supervisory Committee member) Isao Numata [Independent]