Press Release

Japan Professional Football League Club
"FC Machida Zelvia" Becomes Part of CyberAgent Group


CyberAgent, Inc., (Head office: Shibuya-Ku, Tokyo; President: Susumu Fujita; TSE: 4751) announced its decision to subscribe for shares issued through a third-party allocation of new shares by Zelvia, Inc. which operates the J. League club FC Machida Zelvia. In future, FC Machida Zelvia, by taking advantage of the group synergies as a member of the CyberAgent group, will work with the group towards the goals of acquiring a J1 license, and together growing the club to become one of the top clubs in the J.League.

1. Background to this Decision

The history of the FC Machida Zelvia kicked off back in 1977 when a local boys’ football team for elementary school students was formed in Machida City, Tokyo (“Machida”), under the motto of "Born in Machida, Raised in Machida, From Machida to the World.” After participating in the national championships, a junior youth team (U15) and a youth team (U18) were formed, which was followed by the formation of a top team then established in 1989. 

Thus, its history makes the FC Machida Zelvia unusual amongst the J.League clubs in that it was founded and built, not by a large company, but by the local community. From its hometown in Machida, one of the country's leading football towns which have produced many J.League football players, FC Machida Zelvia has operated as a club firmly rooted in the local area, and in the 2018 season is currently competing for first place and aims to bring home the J2 winner's trophy for the first time.

Meanwhile, at CyberAgent, Inc., based on our vision of "To create the 21st century’s leading company” the characteristic feature of our company strategy is self-driven growth. This is evidenced in our regard for human resources as our competitive strength, and, by concentrating efforts on recruiting, developing, and activating human resources, we have already created new Internet-based businesses, and are making future-oriented investments while also continuing to expand. 

On this subject of "Developing human resources” there is a strong affinity between CyberAgent, Inc., and FC Machida Zelvia, and this shared vision has led to this agreement for FC Machida Zelvia to become a member of the CyberAgent group. This move, while respecting the club vision that FC Machida Zelvia has cultivated since its formation, through the many Internet services CyberAgent operates, is aimed at enhancing the information and services provided to FC Machida Zelvia supporters and winning new supporter demographics.

Both companies share the common goals of obtaining a J1 license as quickly as possible, and by embarking on building the necessary infrastructure for that, growing FC Machida Zelvia into a top club born in Machida and recognized around the world.

2. Future Operations

Mr. Takehisa Otomo, will continue to serve as President of Zelvia, Inc., the operating company of FC Machida Zelvia, and going forward the company will endeavor to contribute to the development of sporting culture and the local economy in Machida, as well as growing FC Machida Zelvia into a top club, based in Machida.

3. Details of the Third-Party Allocation

1) Number of Shares Newly Issued      22,960 shares of its common stock 
2) Subscription Price                         50,000 yen per share
3) Total Subscription Amount             1.148 billion yen
4) Method of Subscription or Offering  third-party allocation
5) Number of Shares Subscribed         22,960 shares
6) Shareholding Ratio after TPA          80% (Before TPA: 0%)
7) Completion Date of TPA                October 16, 2018 (Planned)
8) Due Date of Payment                    October 17, 2018 (Planned)

About FC Machida Zelvia

Club Name            FC Machida Zelvia
Company Name    Zelvia, Inc.   
Location               550 Okuramachi, Machida, Tokyo
Founded              1989
Representative     Hiroyuki Shimokawa, Chairman
Home Stadium     Machida Stadium
Club Vision          1.  To be a club that makes the citizens of Machida City proud
                          2.  To be a club capable of contributing to the development of the local community
                          3.  To be a club that contributes to the healthy development of and building dreams for children