Press Release

CyberAgent Makes it Possible to View All Advertising Performance Data at Any Time on the Web

CyberAgent has developed the beta version of “CA Dashboard,” a business intelligence tool for advertisers. We will work on introducing this to all our customers by September.


The Internet Ad Business Division of CyberAgent, Inc. (Head office: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo; President: Susumu Fujita; TSE: 4751) has developed the “CA Dashboard,” a business intelligence tool that allows advertisers to integrate and visualize all performance data in Internet advertising. We have now started to provide the beta version of this tool. 

This makes it possible to optimize the budget allocation by confirming the advertising effect from diverse perspectives, including issue extraction, the advertising creative effect and impression attenuation for each media through this. In addition, client company representatives can view this data on the Web at any time. It has also become possible to playback in Web reports video advertising formats that could not be played in conventional Excel reports.

We will shift the daily reports which account for 90% of all the reports for submission to customers made by our company currently from Excel to the Web. The advertising performance data up to the previous day is automatically reflected on the Web with this tool. Therefore, it is possible to effectively utilize human resources involved in the creation of conventional Excel reports. We will work on introducing this for all our customers by September with the aim of improving the transparency of advertising distribution.
The Internet advertising market in Japan has currently reached 1.5 trillion yen. Of this, programmatic advertising has expanded to a scale of approximately 940 billion yen* and has become indispensable to the marketing activities of companies. Due to the diversification of distribution methods in programmatic advertising, advertising distribution across multiple media and optimal budget allocation to maximize the advertising effect by integrating the various distribution results is required by companies. In addition, it is very important to understand the distribution formats and algorithms for each media in Internet advertising. There is a need for quantity and speed in creative to match these changes in the operation of advertising creative.  

We will continue to strive to maximize the advertising effect of client companies in the future through various efforts, including the development of products that utilize our advanced technical capabilities and the provision of new marketing techniques.

*Source: Advertising Expenditure in Japan. 2017