Press Release

AI Realizes the Automatic Ad Delivery,
Achieving 125% Click Increase

Launching "AI Predictive Ad Delivery," a New Function Jointly Developed with AI Lab


adtech studio, the developer of ad technologies for CyberAgent, Inc. (Head office: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo; President: Susumu Fujita; TSE;4751), has implemented a new function, "AI Predictive Ad Delivery" which automatically performs creative scans and posts using AI on the in-feed-ad-specific platform, "iXam Drive."
In-feed advertising, which is expected to have a market size of JPY 234.3 billion in 2018, is growing in-line with market forecasts which are set to exceed JPY 300 billion by 2020*. An in-feed advertisement, which receives considerable support from advertisers and users, is likely to deteriorate its effectiveness rapidly due to its high exposure and excessive ad frequency (the number of times an ad is visible to a customer). It is important to mass-produce ad creatives with varieties and to quickly scan and post them.

Against this backdrop, we have already introduced the "Ad Optimizer" on "iXam Drive" in 2016, to quickly and automatically review a large number of ad creatives.  Now, we started to develop and provide the "AI Predictive Ad Delivery" as an add-on function to the "Ad Optimizer." This predictive delivery logic is being researched and developed along with AI Lab, a CyberAgent AI research and development group, aiming to solve technical problems in advertisement distribution and creative production.

"AI Predictive Ad Delivery" aims to improve advertising effectiveness by predicting successful new creatives based on the large amount of past results and by automatically delivering creatives giving priority to those with good expected results. As a result of utilizing AI from selecting to reviewing, we have seen an increase of 125% in the number of clicks compared with the time before the function was introduced. Further improvements in the effectiveness of advertising can be expected with the rolling out of this new function. 

By developing and releasing new functions through our technological strength and further advanced research with AI Lab, which aims for ever more efficient internet advertising, we will endeavor to maximize advertising effectiveness for all advertisers.

*Note: CyberAgent, Inc. Press release surveys of the in-feed ad market in Japan


iXam Drive A platform specializing in in-feed advertisements, certified by Facebook's partner program, Facebook Marketing Partners. In addition to its admin functions such as add, update, and delete campaigns and ad sets, it has a flexible reporting function and an add and replace function for creatives.
AI Lab A research and development group established in January 2016 for the purpose of research and development of advertisement distribution technology in ad technologies which utilize artificial intelligence.
adtech studio A cross-organizational engineer group to which AI Lab belongs. The studio develops services in the AI and robot service fields, as well as the ad technology field of the CyberAgent group. Established on October 1, 2013, it currently includes four subsidiaries and approximately 200 engineers providing about 20 services including SSP and DSP to support RTB advertisements, and AI and robot service businesses, etc.