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Internet TV Station “AbemaTV” Exceeded 20 Million Downloads

Strengthening original programs for young generation, such as dating reality shows and drama


Internet TV station “AbemaTV”, operated by AbemaTV, Inc. announced that the number of app downloads have exceeded 20 million on Monday, August 7, 2017.
“AbemaTV” officially launched in April 2016, as a linear type, completely new video broadcasting service which offers 24 hours programming for free. It has experienced rapid user growth since beginning. The number of app downloads reached 5 million in the first three months, 10 million in six months and 15 million just before its first anniversary. It marked 20 million downloads in sixteen months after its release.
In addition to the latest news and live breaking news, it broadcasted more than 100 original news or variety shows on “AbemaNews” and “AbemaSPECIAL” channel. It offers about 25 channels in total with a wide range of contents, such as drama, music, sports and animation, etc. Over 290,000 programs are broadcasted so far and its most popular channel “AbemaSPECIAL” provided 100 plus original regular programs.  
It is scheduled to broadcast “SPECIAL WEEK” that line up a variety of special programs with focusing on teenagers and 20s from Friday, August 11, 2017. It will take initiative in creating original drama to enhance attractive program production which is unique to “AbemaTV” as well as strengthening contents and functions.

Going forward, "AbemaTV" will actively develop the service, aiming to make it as a part of daily life.

"AbemaTV" Overview

Name "AbemaTV"
Broadcast PC (Browser) / Google Play /App Store / Amazon Appstore
Country Japan
Fee Free