Press Release

Internet TV Station “AbemaTV” Gained 5.5 Million Weekly Active Users During a Holiday Week in May


Internet TV station “AbemaTV”, operated by AbemaTV, Inc. has announced that it has marked a record high of 5.5 million weekly active users (WAU) in a holiday week from Monday, May 1 to Sunday, May 7. Also the numbers of app downloads has reached 17 million on Sunday, May 7.
“AbemaTV” celebrates the 1st anniversary of its launch and broadcasted special programming such as anime, sports, music and original programs from Saturday, April 8 to Sunday, May 7. Especially a 5 hours live program named “Win 10 million yen, if you could beat Koki Kameda” that four challengers chosen by general audition to play a boxing game with boxer Koki Kameda, a former world champion, for 10 million yen on Sunday, May 7 reached 14.2 million views which is a record high in “AbemaTV.” The program started at 6pm and gained 3 million views and 100,000 comments 1 hour later. It was also simulcasted on “YouTube,” “Twitter,” and “Facebook” and in "YouTube Live", the maximum number of concurrent connections exceeded 730,000 and simultaneous distribution on media other than "AbemaTV" piled up about 11.7 million. As remarked above, the program produced a lot of record numbers. Users can watch the full game on “AbemaVideo” for free.
The internet TV station “AbemaTV” is a completely new style of broadcasting service. Going forward, we will actively develop the service with expanded content and additional functionality, aiming to make it a deeply established part of everyday life.

What is "AbemaTV"?

 “AbemaTV” is a new video streaming service jointly developed by CyberAgent and TV Asahi Corporation as an “internet TV station.” The station was opened on a full-scale basis on Monday, April 11, 2016, and is broadcasting over 30 channels for enjoying a broad range of programs, including original live contents, news, music, and sports, free of charge. It achieved 10 million downloads on November 2, 2016 (Wednesday) and the number of users are growing rapidly.
Users can watch it just like TV with various devices, including smartphones, PCs, and tablets without sign up. Additionally, it is strengthening correspondence to new TV devices such as "Google Cast", "Amazon Fire TV series" and "Android TV", and we will continue to expand it in the future. Some new functions such as portrait screen view and “AbemaVideo” are released recently. We are making further efforts to widen the way in which users enjoy and to enhance convenience.

"AbemaTV" Overview

Name "AbemaTV"
Broadcast PC (Browser) / Google Play /App Store / Amazon Appstore
Country Japan
Fee Free