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“Business Report 2016” has Released

Focusing on Online Annual Report, Includes Video Contents that Matches the Times


CyberAgent, Inc. (Shibuya-ku, Tokyo; Susumu Fujita, President; TSE First Section, Code 4751) announces that ”Business Report 2016" has released in English and Japanese at the same time.
For this year, we focus on Online Annual Report to cover not only financial information, but also to further enhance non-financial information. In line with current trends, we have produced video contents to introduce such as the strengths and services of each business, interview of outside directors, etc. to upgrade the Annual Report for a wide range of shareholders in an easy-to-understand way. It is readable from various devices such as PC and smartphones.
Our Business Report 2015 has won the Gold Award in Traditional Annual Report, Media/Internet/Game Business category of “International ARC Awards 2016,” which is the world’s largest annual report competition. In addition, 4 companies from Japan, including us have chosen for "The 100 Best Annual Reports of 2016" out of over 2,124 works in 32 countries.
We, the IR team will continue to place emphasis on timeliness / equality, etc., and strive to disclose information that are fully understood by shareholders and investors both in Japan and overseas.