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To create the 21st century’s leading company

I would like to extend a special thank you to all shareholders for your kind support.
We have a vision of "To create the 21st century's leading company," we would like to raise our media business as a crown jewel of mid and long term.

As to FY2016, while Internet Ad Business and Game Business were growing steadily, the up-front investment to our priority business AbemaTV, an internet TV station has started. AbemaTV has launched officially in April 2016 and achieved 10 million downloads in 6 months. In the context of young generations become accustomed to watching video on their smartphone, we expect more expansion in near future.

In FY2017, with an accumulation of the revenue from Internet Ad Business and Game Business, we will strengthen the up-front investment to AbemaTV to strive to be a mass media. Since we started the company, our strength is a capability to respond a change. And we are expanding our business continuously by ourselves.

Ongoingly, we work toward making vision a reality, and increase shareholder returns in mid and long term. I am looking forward to your continued support.

December 2016
Susumu Fujita