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Disclosure Policy

Basic policy for disclosure

CyberAgent, Inc. (hereinafter called “our company”) will swiftly provide shareholders and investors with information, while emphasizing transparency, fairness. Our company will disclose information in accordance with the timely disclosure regulations specified by the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act and Tokyo Stock Exchange, and timely and proactively release the information that can be considered by our company as effective for facilitating the understanding of our company.

Method for disclosing information

Information will be disclosed through the timely disclosure network (TDnet) managed by Tokyo Stock Exchange, pursuant to the timely disclosure regulations. The released information will be basically uploaded to the IR homepage of our company. In addition, the information that is not subject to the timely disclosure regulations will be released through documents and the IR homepage, so that the information will reach investors accurately and equally.

Future outlook

In addition to the earnings forecasts submitted to Tokyo Stock Exchange in which our company is listed, our business forecast may be released in other ways. Our news release, Q&A sessions during results briefings, and analyst meetings, etc. may include our plans, outlooks, and strategies, etc. Such information is judged by the executives of our company as reasonable based on the then available information, and includes risks and uncertainties. Please keep in mind that actual performance may differ significantly from estimates due to various factors.

Silence period

In order to prevent the leakage of important corporation information and secure fairness, our company basically specifies the two weeks until the release of financial results as a silence period. In this period, our company refrains from answering questions regarding our financial results and giving related comments, except the case where there emerge future-related information and important fact that would influence investment judgments considerably.