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Measure for the Sound Operation of Ameba

CyberAgent has implemented measures for Ameba to ensure sound management, with the aim of protecting young people and creating a safe and comfortable environment for everyone.

Function limit for younger users

To protect underage users, certain functions are limited based on the age data users entered when registering as members.

Ameba Pigg

18 and younger

Communication function with 18 and older users is disabled. *Implemented on November 22, 2016.


15 and younger

Small messages(message function) is disabled.

Under 18

Excluded from search results of profiles.
Sets maximum of payment \10,000 for a month on Ameba platform.


Patrols are conducted 24 hours a day, 365 days a year through a combination of visual monitoring by full-time administrators, and system monitoring. If inappropriate language or other behavior is confirmed, the user receives a warning, and may be removed.

Implementation of human monitoring

[Visual monitoring by full-time administrators]
1. Contents of messages exchanged between users
2. Contents of postings detected by the system for possible rule violations
3. Contents of postings that have been reported
4. All images posted
4. All videos posted
5. If an inappropriate posting has been confirmed as a result of human monitoring patrols within the service, the contents of posting will be deleted. The user will be warned, and may be removed.

Target service:
「Ameba」「AbemaTV」「Ameba Pigg」「755」「Spotlight」「Tapple」etc.

Implementation of system monitoring

[System functions to prevent inappropriate postings]
6. The posting word check system function (blocks inappropriate postings in advance)
7. Consecutive posting filter (blocks spam and other forms of harassment)
8. Bayesian filtering (learns what postings are inappropriate and blocks them automatically)

Target service:
「Ameba」「Ameba Pigg」「755」etc.