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Susumu Fujita Top message

Establish a new mass media on the internet

Establish a new mass media on the internet

For CyberAgent, which has been growing in the internet industry, 2016 was a pivotal year.
Internet TV station "AbemaTV" has launched in April, and it surpassed 10 million downloads in 6 months.

At the announcement of FY2016 financial statements, supported by the strong performance of Internet Advertisement Business and Game Business, we achieved increase revenue and profit for three terms in a row, and updated a record high result. Simultaneously, we started many new businesses to plant seeds for future pillar.

We developed "AbemaTV" to compete on creativity, and it is unlike any other in the world. We just received a right to challenge with 10 million downloads. We strive perseveringly to establish a new mass media on the internet.