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Internet Advertisement Business

Internet advertisement business has been deployed in CyberAgent and 21 consolidated subsidiaries, its advertising billings is the number one in Japan. We sell internet ads (smartphone/PC) to advertisers.

CyberAgent Group

Video Ad

We offer various solutions for video ad that increases in demand.
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Ad Technology Business

We cover the entire range of advertising technologies that optimize advertising effectiveness to the highest level.
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While smartphones spread of the households has reached 60 percent in Japan, smartphone ads have driven the growth of the Internet advertising market. In addition, in-feed ads on the time line as represented by "Facebook" and "Twitter" is a recent trend. CyberAgent hold a share of 25.7 percent of smartphone ads, and 24.1% share of in-feed ads, has become a leading company in the Internet advertising.

*Source: Joint survey of CyberAgent and Digital Infact of Seed Planning; Calculated based on our financial results for the period from Jan. to Dec. 2015 and the reference materials disclosed by each company.