Media Business

In 2004, A blog-based service “Ameba” has started. Since then our services changes its form to avatar service “Ameba Pigg”, to online community service to contents curation media, in accordance with the shift in the internet industry. In 2016, CyberAgent has entered the video business, which is attracting attention as a growth field.


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    AbemaTV is an internet TV station that offers about 25 channels such as news, music, sports and original live broadcasting program for FREE.
    Launched in April, 2016.

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    FRESH! is for you to offer unlimited live broadcasting for FREE. Since it has started in January, 2016, it offers 600 channels and more than 10,000 programs are broadcasted such as original live broadcasting by popular personalities and artists, music live broadcasting, sports and mahjong,
    Launched in January, 2016.

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    As of June, 2016, more than 19,500 celebrities have their official blogs on Ameba. Also, contents curation media run by Ameba produces new articles and topics every day and holds more than 10 million MUB (monthly unique browser).
    Launched in September, 2004.

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    "Tapple" is a new style dating app that you can find someone who has same interests such as food, movies, or sports with you. The cumulative number of members exceeded 2.3 Million (as of the end of June, 2017). 

    Service launced in May, 2014.


While repeating the new investments and growth to meet the bandwagon, we have been building the media services that have the ability to pull in more users.