The reason CyberAgent generates
the highest advertising effect


The expanding internet advertisement market

As consumers have more opportunities to view internet media, internet marketing is now indispensable for enterprises’ advertising activities. Smartphone advertisements are leading the growth of the internet advertisement market because the prevalence rate of smartphones in Japanese households has grown to 67.4% (*).
Smartphones became so popular that the usage of social media services like “Facebook” and “Twitter” increased and in-feed ads and video ads which appear on the timelines in the social media became trends.
Especially in the field of video advertisement, brand advertisement agencies, which had used mainly TV commercials in the past, have been using internet advertisement more and their effective promotion method is winning attention.
The smartphone ad market share of CyberAgent in 2016 was 21% and the in-feed ad market share was 26.5%, which indicates that CyberAgent is leading the internet advertisement market.
*Reference: The Cabinet Office Economic and Social Research Institute, “Consumer Trend Survey (Result from the survey conducted in March 2016)”

Executive Managing Director
In charge of Internet Advertisement Business Yasuo Okamoto

Since business start-up in 1998, we have been operating the advertisement business which specializes in the internet, and have been expanding it. The strength of our internet advertising business is in an organization that can produce the highest advertising effect for our clients.

In the internet advertising market, where changes in the media and advertising technologies are dramatic, we respond to changes promptly by always choosing organizational strategies that can increase our capabilities to maximize the advertising effect for our clients and exert the best performance.

In the present era of smartphones, video ads and in-feed ads are drastically growing, and ad formats that enable richer expressions are increasing, and so improving creative ability is important.
We established a special department that focuses on in-feed ads at our company in 2015. It is thriving and currently accounts for more than 1/4 of the market.
We were able to achieve this much expansion in market share because we have always implemented two things while focusing on advertisement effectiveness that would satisfy our clients.
Firstly, building a system for creativity which are necessary to produce effects and improving the framework. Secondly, understanding the philosophy and algorithms of the media and pursuing an effective structural design.

We always strive to do our best for our clients and by making a system to do that and also proactively investing in development, we will keep striving to provide our unique services.

  • Efforts to improve transparency
    Establishing a compliance department

    ・Making all transactions online
    ・Full implementation of auditing by a third-party organization on all of our deliveries to our clients
    ・Full implementation of auditing on purchases
    ・Enhancement of the sales management system covering the entire CyberAgent

    Establishing an anti-ad fraud committee Establishing a Brand Security Center

    ・24/7 monitoring by human for brand safety

  • Interview
    • Director, Law and Compliance Division, Management Headquarter Takahiro Maeda
    • Director, Compliance Division, Internet Advertising Business Unit Tomoyoshi Chiba

    We aim to improve the transparency of businesses and aim for customers to be able to advertise with a sense of security

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3 reasons why we can generate effects

  • Operational ability

    Organization for operation composed of over 700 employees Development and operation of our own system exclusively for operation Evaluation of the agency by the media

    Interview Director, Central account design Division, Internet Advertising Business Unit Masataka Mouri

    The operation rules that are constantly improving - By designing original operation rules for each medium, we maximize the advertisement effect.

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  • Creative

    A strong creative system and a one-of-a-kind solution for creative methods

    ・Established a special video production studio, “STUDIO CRAV”, in Shibuya
    ・Developed a production system composed of over 200 ad creators by having a special production subsidiary in addition to the special creative organization
    ・Developed a lot of creative method solutions

    Interview Director, Brand and Direct creative Division, Internet Advertising Business Unit Tatsuya Ando

    We will achieve development of advertisement materials which grasp the platform features and the user’s mind, and, also, we will realize “A team that generates the highest advertisement effect in the world”.

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  • System for human resources development

    Developing personnel who can keep up with changes in ad trends

    ・Develop our department’s original training program “JIP”, which cultivates the next generation of human resources in internet marketing
    ・Hold our department’s original “Human resources awakening meeting” which brings out an employee’s potential ability.

    Interview Corporate Officer, Head of HR Division of Internet Advertising Business Unit Yuko Ishida

    Achieve top level human resource cultivation in the industry by systematizing the necessary skills of human resources, which were fostered by our company in leading the market.

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CyberAgent in the eyes of clients and partners

  • Recruit Marketing Partners Co., Ltd.
    • Operating Officer Mr. Kohei Sakurai

    “I feel our relationship is not that of “a client and an agency” but that of “partners and co-workers based on trusting relationship fostered by sharing thoughts”

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  • Facebook Japan
    • Corporate Officer
      Head of Agency Sales and Partnerships Ms. Heesun Kang
    • Agency Partner Manager Mr. Koji Kodama

    “With speed, audacity, the ability to create results and new creative development, let’s achieve the largest sales share in Asia.”

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  • Yahoo Japan Corporation
    • General Manager
      Digital Advertisement Sales Division
      Marketing Solutions Company Mr. Daisuke Ichiba
    • Digital Advertisement Sales Division
      Marketing Solutions Company Mr. Daisaku Hayashi

    “We are looking forward to seeing in-depth operation capacity based on both “human resources” and “technology,” and the establishment of a market combining the brand and digitalization.”

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